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About Us

At Pole Premium, we specialize in multi-vendor ATM parts, repairs and integrated logistics support.

Our Customers

Financial Entities

When it comes to purchasing complete equipment, banks trust us on delivering quality product.

Service Providers

With the industry fast pace, the fast delivery of repairs, modules and spares are a key. We provide a large inventory worldwide.

Repair Centers

Technology gets obsolete and our customers trust us in collaborating to achieve edge solutions.

Pole Premium

"We are Pole Premium a division of the Sphere Alliance group of companies with more than 20 years of presence and world leader in cash management solutions and integrated payments. We work for the finance, mid-market and retail, central bank, gaming and leisure sectors, ensuring that their cash is protected and improving the profitability of businesses.

 Our technologies and services in more than 100 countries help optimize the handling, processing and management of assets and their safety. Although we work around the world, we listen to each client to understand their specific needs and offer them the best solution tailored to their specific needs.

 We offer a multitude of options, freeing your business from the constraints of cash management, through optimization and access to service, product and training solutions.

 Our meteoric growth since our creation in 2011 in France for the markets of Africa and the Middle East demonstrates our commitment to serve our customers in the care of the smallest detail and up to its total satisfaction. "

Our mission