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About Us

At Pole Premium, we specialize in multi-vendor ATM parts, repairs and integrated logistics support.

Our People

Our Customers

Jean-Marc Goulas

General Manager

Our Mission

Financial Entities

When it comes to purchasing complete equipment, banks trust us on delivering quality product.

Service Providers

With the industry fast pace, the fast delivery of repairs, modules and spares are a key. We provide a large inventory worldwide.

Repair Centers

Technology gets obsolete and our customers trust us in collaborating to achieve edge solutions.

Jean-Marc Goulas

Pole Premium was established on 2011. In an already established and stabilized market for several years, the youth center becomes Premium asset due to the synergy Sphere Alliance whose other members accredit up to 20 years of experience. The mission of Pole Premium is to develop on the French market and countries with close and privileged economic relations with France (French-speaking countries, emerging and African countries) the services which made the success of Alliance Sphere members in their respective environments and territories.